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Play Areas

The new playground has distinct play areas that appeal to a range of ages, from toddlers to children as old as 12 years of age.

For 5-12 Year Olds


Older children enjoy the play areas with these distinctive play elements:


  • An accessible six-foot-high ramped structure with six decks, panels, climbers, slides, nets, musical components and shade elements

  • A bridge structure with six decks, panels, tubes, slides and climbers

  • Special play elements, including:

    • International Alpha Climber

    • Accessible Pull Along

    • Accessible Rocking Ship

    • Jumping Bean

    • Climbing Wall

For 2-5 Year Olds


This area is a favorite for the younger set and features:

  • An accessible five-foot-high play structure with five decks, panels, climbers, slides, rocks, log and shade structures

  • Spring Rider


Toddlers also enjoy the "traditional" sand play lot and a new swing set zone featuring both traditional swings and new, accessible bucket swings.

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